6. Ways You Could Increase Crypto Adoption TODAY!

Share Crypto and Blockchain-based projects you enjoy

Accept Cryptocurrency as a form of payment

This is something most people forget about when it comes to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency, in its own right, is a currency! Yes, it’s stated that most of the activity in the space is centered around, investing, and trading for making maximum profit. However, that came with a lot of uncertainty for its full use which directly lead mass consumer perception that it’s solely used for investing. Whether you are receiving money for selling food, goods online, or tipping someone of their exceptional service, then you’ll see that at least giving the option to accept it as payment would go along way. The r/Bitcoin fanboys would snap a photo of that “We accept Bitcoin” phrase to share with the community to further increase their internet points.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies or Blockchain project

As much as people want to hodl and trade crypto as long as they possibly can, the real winners are the projects they invest their money in. There is an entire ecosystem out there that’s dedicated to crypto projects. While many people are worried about the news to decide the next position to take, investing in the project itself, places you on a platform where you can write the news yourself! If you are interested in places where you can find hot, and upcoming crypto projects, check out these places: ProductHunt, Defi, and Dapp.com

Consult businesses about Blockchain utilization in their business

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Something that is overlooked is how valuable information is. The demand for blockchain technology is only going to increase exponentially as more businesses discover the usability it brings. There aren’t enough web3 developers to supplement that demand, quite yet, and most businesses don’t even know where to begin looking for information without shaving off time to fully study it. The number one law in business is, time is money. If you are well equipped with the knowledge about the relatively new industry, businesses would certainly be first to listen, especially if it aids their sales for hot marketing terms, and they deliver a better product than their competitors!

Develop Web 3.0 technology

Without developers, programmers, and designers, advanced civilizations could not exist. Being a software engineer already places you in an area of high demand, and minimal appreciation (depending on the business executives), but being a novice developer of a new technology that rarely anyone has recognition about, you essentially are a hero without a face. Providing resources via decentralized applications, supported web3 tech through the centralized application, or integrate web3 technology in the backend of software is a huge advantage in creating the world! If you are interested in learning how to become a blockchain Jedi, checkout Dapp Univerity for the essentials to get you started!

Educate about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

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If you are overwhelmed with the strong amount of information presented to you today, the very least you could do is educate others about cryptocurrency and blockchain. This could be a little as sending your friend a link to CryptoKitties (especially if they like to collect items and cats!), or as major of buying every single build board in your state, and for one day write “Buy Bitcoin” on it, because this really helps spread the good word of cryptocurrency and blockchain! Even as you read this article you have learned better ways where crypto and blockchain could be presented to the mass inhabitants on our planet, so if you don’t know what to share, share this article for a start!

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