This will be the E-Commerce Platform for crypto culture, organization, projects, and companies

Sorry for my late response holiday season has had me busy and I working full time on app development with my team. I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday season! Without further ado, here’s the good news!

I am taking my new path in my life and I have brought an e-commerce store, Skyline Executive. There’s a little work needed for Skyline Executive on the back end and public exposure. On the bright side, It already has a strong social media presence.


Acquiring this store adds to the supporting cause of crypto adoption. There should platform for crypto companies, organizations, and projects to sell their products through to be the overall platform for crypto culture and technology.


Skyline Executive originally was supposed to be a jewelry dropshipping store, then transition into consumer electronics. The company’s leader held a strong passion for new technology and considered it would be better to catch on to the next cryptocurrency and blockchain. Skyline Executive has existed pretty much since July 2018. The previous team tried different marketing strategies, but I was told due to the restriction from Facebook and Google ads on crypto projects, they were heavily restricted from spreading their content. This caused a massive restriction on sales and the company remained dormant to work on a fin-tech application for crypto payments at the point of sale system.


After reviewing the results of what the previous team has achieved, and align it with their goals, I plan to add inclusion from more crypto companies and engage with strategic partnerships with them. The company’s lead in the crypto space would reduce marketing cost for the product manufactures as the marketing burden will be placed upon the Skyline Executive Company in the aims to capture sales. Currently, the company assets are crypto cards, t-shirts, phone cases, magazine brand and soon a sunglass brand.

In the few months of early 2019, I will spend time restructuring the platform to make things on the backend automated. I am a programmer so I will make scripts that will make Instagram/Facebook interactions more time efficient.

Target Audience:

The target audience at the start will be aimed at the 20–35-year-old age range. The study shows that this is the most common demographic for cryptocurrency traders and users. Later, I’ll plan to expand to tech lovers and programmers to push the consumer technology in front of our business.


To be at the forefront of technology and creative consumer acquisition strategies embark a competitive advantage for the company. I have strong programming knowledge and experience so most of the task will be automated. I have plans to build an iOS/Android app where users can access to purchase these products and stay on top of the cryptocurrency activity. When you google “Skyline Executive” the website pops up, but it still lacks search engine ranking. I am not too experienced with SEO’s so I may hire someone to master the marketing and business sales, while I focus on tech development and product quality assurance. As Skyline Executive expands in the new year, I will structure teams to lead into hopes to tokenizing with this new software idea.

I will later build a smart contract for the company to be less of a traditional company and more of a decentralized marketplace platform for users to sell products to the public. This is the core values of cryptocurrency to make sure that the manufacturers and customers are not being robbed and jolted off by greedy middlemen. The first thing would be to take the site off Shopify and build the company in a decentralized application.

Customer Centricity:

The cryptocurrency community doubled in the year 2018 and it will only grow more! Skyline Executive is in its early stages and has a lot of changes underway before it can be a powerhouse in the cryptocurrency future! The products featured on the site will be by crypto’s decentralized community for the community! As I gain more analysis of the customer base, I will pay people to store boxes of products in warehouses to make shipping faster for hot products in areas.

This is Skyline’s leading brand created by me when I wanted on part of the crypto rise and, now I am the CEO and Owner of Skyline Executive.











Ty Cooper


I am a Blockchain Developer, and Crypto Edcuator